Welcome to the Boone County Housing Authority Web Application website. 

LANDLORDS & TENANTS PORTAL: To register for access to the Landlord or Tenant portal click this link.  Register

This page is for current Landlords & Tenants on the Boone County Section 8 Program. This is not for applicants to use. If you are an applicant on this page, DO NOT register or attempt to register as this is not attached to the waiting list at all. There is no way to check on the status of your application or apply to the Section 8 Program from this page. STOP here. If you continue to register as a landlord or tenant, you will NOT be placed on the waiting list and we are not responsible for the date of this attempt. You must apply from the On Line Application for Housing button on our web page. To go back, please use the arrow pointing to the left, not the Home button.